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Organic Importance

Mum feeding baby

Babies’ bodies are young and vulnerable – their organs, immune systems and other vital body systems are developing, so it is important they have the purest and safest foods. A pure, organic diet can be more beneficial during the first few months of life than at any other time.

Non-organic foods may contain harmful chemical pesticide residues and other unwanted extras which can build up in the body.

Your baby's digestive system is more efficient than an adult's at absorbing foods - this is good where nutrients are concerned , but not so good when it comes to harmful pesticide residues.

Babies' kidneys are immature and not very efficient at excreting harmful substances, so toxins remain longer in the body.

The 'acceptable' levels of pesticide residues permitted in foods are based on adult bodyweights - not on the smaller size of babies and children.

'Choosing to feed your baby organically may be the single most important way to give them the best start in life'.Dr Vyvyan Howard, MB ChB PhD FRC Path., University of Liverpool.