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Probiotics in infant health (RCN accredited)

Date: Wednesday 10th October 2012
Venue: The Ark Centre, Basingstoke

Speakers and topics:

  • Dr Anne McCartney - Senior Research Fellow at the Food Microbial Sciences Unit at the University of Reading - The infant gut microbiota: acquisition, development and the role of infant nutrition.
  • Dr Eduardo L√≥pez-Huertas from the Spanish National Research Council (CISC) - Combination of pro- and prebiotic in milk formulae shows practical benefits: The GOLF-1 and GOLF-2 studies
  • Dr Pam Cairns - Consultant Neonatologist at Bristol Royal Infirmary - Probiotics and the preterm baby
  • Professor Kate Costeloe - Consultant neonatologist and lead clinician in the PIPs Study (Probiotics in Preterm Infants) - An introduction to the  (PiPs) study

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