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Fetal alcohol syndrome - with Susan Fleisher from NOFAS UK (CPD accredited)

Date: 17 February 2015
Venue: Woodlands hotel, Leeds

Delegates enjoyed an interactive and very passionate presentation from Susan Fleisher on her experience as the adoptive mother of a child with FASD; to raise awareness and understanding of the disorder.

84% gave the seminar top marks for relevance to their jobs
100% would recommend our seminars to colleagues 
84% rated our speaker “excellent”
95% said the seminar was valuable for their CPD

Some feedback from our delegates:

“Really informative and relevant to my practice as a health visitor”
“Very inspirational speaker, and very useful information to feed back to my health visiting team”
“Excellent – I learned a lot about FAS which will be valuable in practice”
“Highly engaging and enlightening – thank you”