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What is Neuro-Typical? A focus on Child Development with Juliette Francis

Date: 24th February 2015
Venue: Hilton St Anne's Manor, Wokingham

Delegates enjoyed a fantastic presentation by Juliette, who has yet again proven to be an extremely popular and valued presenter.  Juliette covered:

child development theory, particularly cognitive, emotional and psychological development
attachment theory
the way in which the child’s brain develops and how brain development and brain chemistry is affected by close relationships
how parenting capacity, trauma and abuse impacts on  child development 


A hugely popular event, ALL our delegates rated gave the seminar top marks

100% gave the seminar top marks for relevance to their jobs
100% would recommend our seminars to colleagues 
100% rated our speaker “excellent”
100% said the seminar was valuable for their CPD

Some feedback from our delegates:

"Fantastic - really good refreshment of knowledge"
"This could have been a full day session - Juliette has a wonderful way of presenting and it really sunk in - fantastic"
"Informative and extremely interesting and relevant to health visiting practice - I would have loved it to be longer"
"So much interesting information!"

 If you missed this session, please be sure to join us on 7th October online at 7pm when Juliette will repeat the presentation in our webinar broadcast.  Sign up here.