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The autism spectrum – with Juliette Francis

This webinar was recorded on 11th June 2014.


This online seminar will enable those participating to develop a solid understanding of the Autism Spectrum and its associated conditions.  We will explore the main difficulties associated with the Triad of Impairment and how these manifest in behaviour.   We will also explore some strategies to work more effectively with and help minimise anxiety for autistic children.

About our speaker:

Juliette is a freelance trainer, conference speaker and consultant and has been commissioned to provide a comprehensive range of training across England and Wales.   Her main areas of interest include safeguarding, disability, child development, behaviour and communication.    Prior to this Juliette was Head of Children's Services at a centre for disabled children and adults.   

Juliette has spoken at several previous HiPP study days, and her talks are always very highly rated by delegates.