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Formula feeding away from home

NHS Choices advice for feeding a baby away from home is to take the following:

  • a measured amount of formula powder in a small, clean and dry container
  • a vacuum flask of hot water that's just been boiled
  • an empty sterilised feeding bottle with cap and retaining ring in place
The vacuum flash doesn't need to be sterilised, but should be clean, and only used for the baby. The boiling eater should kill any bacteria present in the flask. if the flask is full and sealed, the water will stay above 70C for several hours.

Make up a fresh feed only when the baby needs it. the water must still be hot when used, to destroy any bacteria in the formula powder. Remember to cool the bottle (with the lid on) under cold running water before feeding it to the baby.

Alternatively, a carton of ready-to-feed liquid formula could be used when away from home.

If it isn't possible to follow the advice above, or if it is needed to transport a feed (for example, to a nursery), prepare the feed at home and cool it for at least on hour in the back of a fridge. Take it put of the fridge just before leaving and carry it in a cool bag with an ice pack and use it within four hours. If there is no access to an ice pack, or access to a fridge, the made-up infant formula must be used within two hours.

If made-up formula is stored: 

  • in a fridge - use withing 24 hours
  • in a cool bag with an ice pack - use within four hours
  • at room temperature - use within two hours
All information is supplied from the NHS. accessed on 14/03/2017