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Is it worth it?

Good, healthy, organic nourishment for babies - not more costly

  • A carer with little knowledge of nutrition - or limited resources - may well provide babies and toddlers with an unbalanced, additive-full diet.
  • HiPP Organic baby foods are economical - meaning organic choices are available to parents on all budgets. HiPP has its own organic suppliers and economies of scale make it possible to produce the very highest quality, nutritious baby foods and toddler foods at everyday prices.

For families - keeping the cost of organic down

  • Increasing the proportion of organic fruit and vegetables we eat is not only healthy (helping to meet the ‘take 5’ target), but it can also help to reduce the quantities consumed of more expensive foods such as meat.
  • Organic box schemes and farmers markets can help in reducing what’s paid for organic fruit and vegetables.
  • Home-cooked foods see our recipes pages - even when prepared with some organic ingredients - can be less expensive than buying ready-made or processed meals.
  • Careful planning of meals and shopping avoids expensive wastage of food.
  • Every little helps - prioritise which foods are most worth buying organic

Professor Leifert, University of Newcastle, co-ordinator of major studies on organic foods, said the effect of eating organic foods would be the equivalent of having one extra portion of fruit and vegetables every day.  (Ref Leifert, QLIF study)